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Me, My Mom, and a Mic - A Prelude to Meeting My Mom

April 8, 2020

My mom is what I call "passive assertive".  She has a way of saying things that make you cock your head like a chimp trying to understand sarcasm.  She says things like, "Jim, I'm going to let you get me some coffee...oh, and a breakfast bar--not the crunchy kind.  I want the chewy apple one."  Then she explains that she "lets" me do these things because, when she's dead and gone, she knows how awful I'll feel about not doing everything I could for her.  She doesn't want me to live with that guilt."

This series of podcasts will expose the alchemy of experiences that it takes to change someone's personality from creamy to chunky peanut butter.

We'll explore a plethora of questions such as:

"Would You Rather Shower Me or Fix My Dinner?"

"Honey, Why Aren't You Flamboyant Like All the Other Gays?"

"What Annoys You Most About Me?  You Go First Then I'll Tell You What Annoys Me Most About You.

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